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Clinical Trials

Now you can experience even greater brand success with patient education, case management and adherence services—the newest offerings from CoPilot. Our registered nurses are certified in your disease states, providing personalized and scalable support services that enhance speed-to-therapy, promote increased adherence, and deliver actionable data.

Getting patients on therapy quickly is essential. As leaders in patient-access solutions, development and management, CoPilot provides everything from patient-needs assessment and advocacy solutions to reimbursement support and targeted product assistance services.

Higher adherence rates lead to greater brand success. CoPilot gets you there, with highly skilled professionals who provide education and tips on side effect management that go beyond reminder calls. Their hands-on experience in your products’ specific disease state allows them to better assess risks that may hinder patients’ consistent taking of medication as prescribed or lead to dropping off therapy altogether. With our education and support services, patients have a greater chance of properly completing their full course of therapy.

Our dedication to breaking down barriers that surface throughout therapy, combined with expert, personalized attention from caring nurses, can have noticeable effects on your adherence optimization rates. Patient education, case management and adherence services are integral to getting patients on therapy and keeping them there. With years of proven success, CoPilot can help take your brand to the next level.

Reimbursement Support

CoPilot's unique case management approach maximizes customer service and ensures that the needs of individual patients and providers are met. We combine strong core transactional services (e.g., inquiries, patient correspondence and fulfillment) with the ability to provide individualized, complex reimbursement counseling for every patient and provider.
By taking a consultative approach to our services, each reimbursement support program is customized to our clients' needs but could involve the following core components:

CoPilot reimbursement counselors are cross-trained on all areas relating to product support, allowing all of a caller's complex, reimbursement needs to be addressed through a single representative. Our offering is further strengthened by sophisticated call center and system technologies that focus on customer service and cost-effective solutions to keep our clients' programs ahead of market trends.

Web-Based Portal Solutions

CoPilot offers Web-based and analytic tools to support critical business processes and information needs. We are a leading provider of real-time information and automated solutions to support reimbursement, patient therapy initiation and ongoing therapy management services for specialty pharmaceuticals. CoPilot continues to develop modular and customized tools that enable clients to respond to market dynamics.

Provider Suite:

Pharma Support Suite:

Third Party Logistics

Prescription Assistance Programs

The CoPilot team’s dedication to ensuring patient access includes assistance for the underinsured. Due to today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment and the challenges presented by the current economic landscape, the number of insured patients unable to afford the cost of their needed therapies is increasing dramatically. In response to this need, CoPilot provides a variety of co-pay assistance models to meet the unique needs of patients and our manufacturing partners to help offset costs and ensure treatment accessibility while maximizing ongoing adherence.

These programs range from single product support to support for an entire product portfolio and utilize multiple mechanisms for providing assistance. CoPilot’s co-pay assistance portfolio includes a unique model that allows co-pay support seamlessly for products covered under both the medical and pharmacy benefit. CoPilot welcomes the opportunity to discuss the specific needs of your patient population and to determine the co-pay assistance model that works best given your product characteristics.